Saturday, September 21, 2013

Watch Your Surroundings

(This post was written in May, and I am just now getting around to actually posting it. See how lazy I am.)

The other day I was walking along, and I saw the perfect opportunity take a couple pictures and do a how-to-frame-your-photos-so-they-look-good post.

First off, take a look at the above picture. The first thought that comes to my mind when I see it is that I wanna hop into the picture and take a long, rambling walk down that road which of course continues on for miles and miles and ends up in a beautiful little town where everybody knows everybody. This picture evokes a sense of peace, a sense of romance, a sense of adventure. 

Now what would happen if we zoomed out and turned the camera? 

While this picture isn't horrible, I wouldn't keep it. There is too much going on. The barn is very distracting, and so is that white thing directly in front of me. While yes, the mountains are still beautiful, and the grass is still green, I don't get sense of peace, romance, or adventure.

So there you have it...a simple fix to make your pictures a little bit better!

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