Wednesday, September 18, 2013

bright colors and bovine

So I am teaching myself about this beautiful thing called f-stops. They are a life changer. I don't know what I shot the above picture on, but the one below was like 3.5 or something. (Professionals, don't get all out of whack if my terminology is all wrong, I'm still learning...obviously.) Anyway, f-stops make me happy.

 These colors also make me happy.

 I know the sunflowers are dying, but I have been wanting this shot for way too long to not share it on here.

 This evening my brother, mom and I moved cows. I only got a couple of pictures at the start of the operation but the ones I did get turned out pretty good. 

 Sunlight streaming through the trees speaks to me.

 Such sweet, gentle bovine.

Ummm...or not? Rewind about 2 seconds and move a tree out of my way and you would have been able to see the black cow jumping and kicking. Apparently she thought she needed more apples or something. In the end though, we got all of the cows to the right places and nobody got hurt. 'Tis always a good day when that happens.

And now I am off to bed. Bonne nuit! 

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  1. Love the one with the sun coming through the trees! Great job.


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