Wednesday, July 23, 2014

a month's (ish) worth of pictures

The last time I posted, my sister had just gotten engaged. Obviously a lot has happened since then, since that was over a month ago. And now with my trip to Washington Family Ranch fast approaching (as in I leave day after tomorrow!) I figured I should get caught up on posting pictures before I have 5 million from camp. So here is a (sorta-but-not-really in order) batch of pictures that sorta show what I have been up to. 

 Okay, I seriously miss this dude. (And I love this picture that our friend Hannah took.) He is gone at the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School in Quantico, VA. for six weeks of training. Keep him in your prayers, will ya? 

I have been watching these kiddos (and their cat, apparently) off and on. They are such sweeties, and I love all the random stuff we do together (bouncing on the trampoline, spur-of-the-moment tea parties in the sunshine, water fights, bike rides, etc., etc.)

A random selfie with my cousin and my brother's girl on our coffee-and-pedicure girl's day. (Although when this picture was taken, they weren't dating you can imagine the conversations that took place that day.)

 Wedding dress shopping with my big sister (and my mama).

My little cousin was part of the color guard at the SAR graduation this year. 

St. Paul rodeo/fair with my big brother and some friends a couple days before he left for OCS.

 As much as bucking hay is hot/sweaty/itchy work, I really do love it. I love the beauty of it, the manual labor of it, the quality time spent with the people you are working with, and the conversations you can have. (Especially when it is just you and your brother working together.) 

I would really, really appreciate prayer for these people. My grandpa has been having a lot of health issues and is currently in the hospital with more stuff (hopefully headed back to the Mennonite Home today). And grandma is tirelessly by his side, taking care of him. Please be praying for strength and health from grandma, for wisdom for the doctors, and for grandpa's body to respond and heal. Thanks, guys.

I took my sister and future brother-in-law's engagement photos. (See more here.)

 My baby just keeps growing up!

 Oh yeah. I am now a certified barista at Starbucks! (If you come and visit me at work, you will be my favorite person ever. least for the moment.)

 Seriously though, how did I get so blessed to live in this beautiful place??

Coast trip with my big sister and my un-officially adopted big sister.

 One should never leave the coast without a pocket full of shells.

 Keeping Grandpa's birds happy so they are here for him when he comes home.


I miss that dude.

 That black blob is the newest addition to the family. (She refused to hold still for a picture, so this was the best I could do for the moment.)

 Aaaaand one more picture that just proves the theory that I live in the most beautiful place ever.

I'm off to pack for Washington Family Ranch. Have a wonderful day, everybody!