About Me

14 random facts about me

  1. I bought my Golden Retriever when she was 8 weeks old, and she is now 3+ years old. 
  2. I have spent the past four summers working on a grass seed farm driving tractors.
  3. I hate tomatoes but love ketchup. (Once when I was little, I put ketchup on cinnamon toast). 
  4. My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice (the old one…with Colin Firth).
  5. I am the youngest of four children, and have lived down a dead end road for 7 years.
  6. I have a thing for starry nights, chocolate, screen doors, old barns, quotes, and kittens.
  7. If I could choose any superpower, I would choose flight.
  8. I am slightly obsessed with both Instagram and Pinterest.
  9. My favorite food is watermelon, and I have been known to eat a whole one in one setting.
  10. I hate running, but love the feeling you get about 10 minutes after you stop. 
  11. I have been to the Czech Republic, Kenya, and Germany. 
  12. I drink my coffee straight black.
  13. Sometimes I listen to Christmas music in July.
  14. Yes, my hair is naturally curly.
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