Saturday, August 19, 2017

Mr & Mrs S (and I)

Oh this beautiful family. I just love them so much! I won't bore you with too much talk about how amazing they are and how their son is my favorite human of all time, but yeah. Basically they are amazing and their son is my favorite human of all time! :)


Daddy had to get a few photos on his little family!

When the dip is so good his hat flies off!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

J + J

Oh these two people. Jessica has been my built-in best friend since she was born (7.5 months after I was, thankyouverymuch), and we have had more adventures together than two people should be allowed to have. We have been dreaming of our men ever since we were old enough to talk, and Joe definitely fits the description that we came up with. (Even though I love nothing more than to give him a hard time and pretend that the jury is still out, I really do approve of him and am so thankful for the way he loves my Jess.) 

They got married two months ago (!!!) and are now living in their little love nest in Texas. So this is a way throwback to when they had only been dating for like ten months. And now I'll shut up and let you enjoy this adorableness! 

You know that moment when your bestie is hanging onto the arm of the love of her life, and she glances over at you and exchanges a glance that means more than words? Yeah. This is that moment.

Baby I (and his mommy & daddy!)

I flew 3,000 miles with my big DSLR juuuust so I could get some photos of this handsome little man the first time that I met him! He captured my heart within about five seconds, and nothing has changed since then (except maybe he's grown up just a LOT). 

While I was back there, they had one of the worst snow storms in like forever (in fact, I had to fly out of Oregon sooner to beat the storm!) But once the snow had started to melt off, we headed outside for a quick few photos before daddy had to head off to work. So thankful for the time I got to spend with them in their cozy little apartment, and for these photos that hold such good memories.

And now I'm gonna go cry about how fast my little man has grown up... ❤