Monday, September 30, 2013

just words

It may come as no shock to you, but I love pictures.

To me, pictures tell a story that words could never even start to tell. I talked about this in a post awhile back. About the fact that I tell stories with pictures, not words. Yes, I do enjoy writing. I like to tell stories with words about my grandparents' strong love or how awesome my dad is (just turned in a college paper on that subject, no joke) or what the Lord has been teaching me lately.

But to me, a story without pictures is not much of a story at all.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I prefer little kids picture books over adult books with just words. Or that blog posts with just words normally make me exit the page before I have even finished the first two paragraphs.

I have found that recently I have a hard time thinking in words. (If that doesn't make sense, have no fear. If it does, you're my kind of person.) Even as I sit here, typing these words, I am struggling to find the right ones. But I know I need to force myself to not fall back on my pictures as my only means of communication. Just as I push myself in photography to learn new things and take better pictures, I need to push myself to communicate better with words.

So this is me pushing myself. This is me applauding you for actually reading the whole thing.

This is me using just words.


  1. So interesting. I love pictures too, and hear what you're saying. But I feel like words communicate better than picture, so I'm a total words person. Obviously. Because I never shut up. :) I like combination of the two the best though. :)

    1. Haha I feel like most of our family are "words" people :) But you are right, a combination is great :) Miss you cuz!!

    2. Miss you too! Hope school is going well!


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