Friday, February 8, 2013

Running. It's a Privilege.

Today, I went out and ran somewhere between a mile, and a mile and a half. It was beautiful. I wasn't planning to workout today. But the sun was shining, and I was just in the mood to run! And so I did. I told myself that I had to run at least a mile. And I did. 

The last half mile wasn't really easy. I kinda had to talk myself into finishing, but I did it. 

It was such a great feeling. (Okay, the cool down wasn't so wonderful cause I felt like passing out, but hey! in my mind, that just means I had a good workout) The rest of the afternoon and evening I just felt strong and happy, happy, happy!  I kinda want to go for a run again tomorrow! 

(something to make you laugh)

Someday I may not be able to run. Someday I may be to old to run. Someday I may have a disease that prevents me from running. Someday I may have an injury that prevents me from running. Someday something may happen that makes it so that I can't run. But ya know what? Today is not that day. Today I can walk out the door and go for a mile run even though I haven't run in weeks. And for me, that is a huge blessing. A blessing that I often times forget about. So today, I am going to take advantage of the fact that I have an incredibly healthy body that I can push beyond my wildest dreams. 

And ya know what? You should too. It doesn't have to be anything huge. In fact, maybe it is just walking a mile. But take advantage of that fact that you are healthy! "But," you say, "I'm not healthy!" 
Then start to get healthy. Cut soda out of you diet. Do you have any idea what that might do for you?? If you don't drink soda, cut something else out! Like chips, or maybe desserts. Or, you could add something in. Like drinking 70 oz of water everyday. Or eating a serving of veggies at each meal. Whatever it is, start today. Make a change. 

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