Sunday, February 17, 2013

Me 'n' My Dog

So today, one of my friends wanted to take some pictures. So we headed down to our river and proceeded to get soaked. Actually, Sabrina proceeded to get soaked. I may or may not have voluntarily gotten soaked. But you'll see pictures of that at the end. Ready? Lights! Camera! Action!!

Water. It is truly her best friend. Which makes me feel just great about myself. 

 Someone once said that the most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog. 
Truer words have never been spoken. 

 My sunshine doesn't come from the skies. It comes from the love in my dog's eyes. 

Boots, class, and a lil sass. That's what cowgirls are made of. 

 That face. There. On the left. I like it. 

#twirlingpictures #photobomb #mydogisthebest #thoseears

 Cute picture of Bri. Not so cute picture of my with my mouth hanging open. Oh well. Who cares. 

 Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend obviously never owned a Golden Retriever. 

 Yes, it was my choice to go in the river in the middle of February. 

 Yes, it was cold. 

 And yes, these pictures were totally worth it. 

God, thank you for this dog. Amen. 

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