Sunday, August 11, 2013

with the windows rolled down

Today was delightful in just about every way imaginable. I woke up without the aid of an alarm, and then just did random things (that really needed to be done and had been hanging over my head for awhile) all morning. (And yes, I was a heathen and skipped church.) I was going to hang out with a friend all afternoon, but sadly she got sick. So instead I loaded up my dog in the car and just started driving. No agenda. No schedule. No place that I had to be. No idea where I was heading. Just me, my camera and my dog. 

 We stopped at the River Front park in one of the towns we went through, and I absolutely loved the railroad tracks. 

 Best friends forever. 

 I tried for like 30 seconds to get her to look at the camera, and right after I snapped this picture she looked straight at it. That girl is way too smart for me. 

 Random sidewalk art in the park.

 This is what I got to look at in my rear view mirror the entire time. 

 Gah I love water towers!


 She waited so patiently every time I stopped the car and got out to take a picture. Which was very often.

 I love barns. (If you hadn't figured that out by now...)

 So cliche because of where I live, but oh well. It's still beautiful.

It was a beautiful day. I only spent probably a total of 20 minutes around other humans, but I wasn't lonely. The introvert in me absolutely thrived on the alone time. True, I spend most days on a tractor by myself, and because of all the house sitting I have been doing most nights I come home to an empty house, but I'm not lonely. Sometimes it is nice to just not have other people around. To just have your camera and your dog and a (seemingly) never ending road.

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