Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Small

I drove up to the gas station and shut my pickup off at the pump. The attendant walked out and greeted me with the words "Good morning, Rebekah! You off to work?" I told him I was headed over to the restaurant to eat breakfast with my Dad. We talked for a few more minutes about the weather (in a we-actually-care-about-the-weather-cause-it-affects-crops way) and school and our plans for the weekend. Then I headed over to the restaurant and sat down at the table my Dad and I always sit at. He wasn't there yet so I told the owner/waitress to wait until he got there to start cooking my food. She walked into the kitchen and I heard her tell her sister that "She wants to wait till Eric gets here to eat. That's Eric's daughter out there."

A few days later when I stopped by the auto parts store the owner asked me what my name was (I had been in there before, but always with my brother) and when he heard my last name he said "Oh yeah! You're Eric & Margie's daughter!" And in reference to my Uncle & Aunt, "If all my customer's were as good as they are, I would be retired by now."

The town I live in is very small. We have one blinking yellow light (no joke). If you aren't related to someone, you probably know them. My mother can hear almost any random name and give you at least some of that person's family history. Traffic is heavy when there are more then 4 cars on Main Street at the same time. Our town mascot is a rooster (who used to just wander around town before he died). And the only businesses open on Sunday are the grocery store and the two restaurants. 

A lot of people called it prison when I was growin up
But these are my roots and this is what I love
Cause everybody knows me and I know them
And I believe that's the way we were supposed to live
Wouldn't trade one single day here in small town USA


  1. I love the sound of your small town... Great writing! Lovely post. :)


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