Sunday, June 9, 2013

through my viewfinder

 My sister got here Friday evening. Yesterday we babysat the kids part of the day, and hung out with them and our cousin the rest of the day. Today Jen spoke at the church our cousins attend (they also had a couple baptisms) and now we are just kinda hanging out. Jen and Gretchen are in town getting ice cream fixin's and I am working on pictures and (obviously) writing a blog post. And tomorrow morning we will say our goodbyes, hop in the car, and start the journey home. 

You will most likely not hear from me for awhile. But have no fear. It will not be because I have been eaten by a large rhinoceros. Nor will it be because I broke my fingers trying to save an infant rattlesnake from being run over by a tank. It will be because I am cuddling with my dog. And getting ready for the next trip that I am embarking upon....but that is a story for another day. 

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