Thursday, June 13, 2013

Home Sweet Home

 I am home now. The trip home with my sista was great, and it gave us a taste of what's coming because...drum roll....on Sunday, we are going to hit the road for a week and a half to visit family. 

For some odd reason I feel like I haven't been home very much lately. But I have been soaking up every second that I am home, and here are a few pictures to prove it. (If you can prove "soaking" something up...)

 I'm not sure who was happier to see or her. 

Back behind our house.....Mmmm I love this place.

 Silly Oreo. I missed you.

 So I am standing there, doing something, when all of the sudden I feel something on my foot and I look down to see this. Heart = melted.

 Oh yum.

(Stay tuned for trip pictures!)


  1. Aahhh. PuppyLove.

    And when you need mountains, come back to my place, miss R.



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