Sunday, March 10, 2013

my latest and greatest buys

I went into town the other day and (surprisingly) didn't buy much. But what I did buy was well worth the money. 

 I have needed a black sweater for....a long time. This one I found at Walmart for $5. Great deal, right? And while it doesn't look that great in the picture, it is actually super cute and comfy.

 I found these Brash stilettos for $20 at PayLess Shoes. And after wearing them all evening to the Spring Formal last night, I have to say that they are probably the most comfortable high heels I have ever worn.  
 I love the sparkles!! They just make me happy :)

 I was in desperate need of new foundation, and I got this Maybelline for $5.94 at Walmart. So far I am super happy with it. It goes on really nice and light, seems to stay on (all day) very well, and it doesn't make my face feel like it is coated in paint. 

After I went for a run in the rain last week and wore my black sweatshirt, my mother strongly encouraged me to get a bright running jacket of some sort. I got this Danskin Now for $9.96 at Walmart (surprise). I. love. it. It's so light and comfy and pretty! 

I also got two bottles of nail polish (which I neglected to take a picture of), some eye shadow applicators, and a bottle of hair gel. Over-all, I am happy with what I got and how (relativity) little I spent. Now I just have to figure out where else I can go in my sparkly stilettos....

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