Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 reasons why having a running partner is a good idea

When my cousin's wife first texted me to see if I wanted to start running together, the first thought that crossed my mind was "I am going to die. She used to run marathons before she had kids. I am going to die."

We just started running last week and have run two times so far. And I have only almost died once. That was on our first run. Note to self: do not try to keep up with an ex-marathoner. Yesterday we ran 2.8 miles total (ran 1.4, walked for a tiny bit (aka, like 2 minutes) and then ran back). I was really, really happy with that. It took me 32 minutes, but I am not going to complain about it. I finished and that's all that matters.

Having a running partner is I would highly recommend that if you have any interest at all in working out (or working out more), get an exercise partner. Here are my top 5 reasons why.

1) It's fun. You can talk to them, you can swap stories of how painful the day after a workout was, you can talk about nutrition, etc, etc. 

2) Your ego gets involved. I would have never gone and run that far if Jordyn hadn't been there. I would have been like, "eh, nah. I am good at half a mile". 

3) They make you go. Having a workout partner (and a set time that you will do your workout) makes sure that you actually get that workout in. You know that you need to meet at a certain time at a certain place, and that they will be counting on you. There is no way that I would have gone running yesterday if I hadn't known that Jordyn would be at my place at 11 o'clock to run. Why? Well, the weather was........kinda nasty.  And in nasty I mean rainy and windy and cold. 

4) They help change stuff up. Changing up your workout keep both your mind and your body from getting bored. However, sometimes it gets boring to change a workout for yourself. So having someone who can bring new routines in is a great help.

5) They keep you motivated. Jordyn finished her run before I finished mine, and then she came back to run the last little bit with me. And she assured me that it's not how fast you run, it's that you finish. 

And that, my dear friends, is why having an exercise partner is a great idea. 

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