Friday, January 4, 2013

Sunshine+Me+My Dog=Lots of Pictures

They say that the best way to get good pictures is to know your subject. They must be right, cause this afternoon I got some really good ones of my best friend. Everybody, meet Sabrina Marie. The most gorgeous Golden Retriever on this side of the Mississippi. (Actually, she's the most gorgeous Golden Retriever in the whole world, I just like saying "on this side of the Mississippi".)

That, my dear friends, is true love. 
Some days she likes modeling, other days she doesn't. This was one of the does.
She told me to write that. (true story)
This is her "I-want-to-be-running-around-and-playing-instead-of-sitting-here" face.
I think it's kinda cute.
I'll take an extra long hug with a side of kisses. 
This shot didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, but oh well. It's still kinda cool.
See? I told you so.
Gotta take a break from this modeling business to play!
Last time I checked, you don't even like hugs, Oreo. 
 The End.

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