Friday, January 11, 2013

my shoes and what they say about me

I may or may not be slightly obsessed with shoes. Okay, maybe obsessed is to strong of a word, but I do love shoes. Pretty much, if I am around people, I am noticing their shoes. To me, a persons shoes tell me a lot about them. So today, I am giving you a look into my life by way of my shoes. 

This is my favorite pair of shoes. They are comfortable, easy to get in and out of, and go with pretty well anything. (okay, maybe not that last part...) As you can see, I have worn them a lot. Like, a LOT.

Just to give you an idea of how much, here's a picture of a brand new pair of Romeos. 

Next up: Stilettos. 
I love my stilettos. Not only because they are awesome, but because I bought them on my 18th birthday with one of my best friends. 
Peep toes. They make life complete. (just kidding)

 Can you love a quote more than I love this one?? Don't think so.

My running/workout shoes. Pretty much the only time I wear these shoes, but I love them nonetheless. 

New Balance, and made in the USA.

I have just recently fallen in love with these heels again. They are cute, pretty comfy (unless you wear them for a extended length of time) and stylish. 

 Again with the peep toes! Someday I will have heels that don't have peep toes. Maybe. 

Rubber boots. Life on a farm is not complete without these. (If you don't believe me, try living on a farm during the rainy season.) And the best part? They are made in the USA!!

Last but definitely not least: My Danners. 
My brother convinced my to buy these about two years ago, and I'm really glad he did. I don't wear them as often as I would like to, but I do love them. I'm pretty sure they are the most comfortable shoe I will ever wear. 
 And once again, they are made in the USA! 

So what do my shoes say about me? I think they say that I am a country girl who enjoys stylish things. But that's just me, and I may be a little prejudice because I know myself. So I will let you decide. 

What do you think my shoes say about me?


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