Friday, March 16, 2018

Salina // Headshots

Let me tell you about this girl. She is strong, she is fierce, she is sweet, she is humble. She’s on fire for Jesus and passionate about the life that her family leads in Alaska. I first met Salina 14 years ago (wait, WHAT?? How has it been that long??) when my family went up for a working vacation at her family’s fishing & hunting lodge located in remote Alaska. (Remote as in, the only way to get there is via plane or boat.)  My dad and Salina’s grandma are cousins, so that makes Salina and I….related somehow haha!

Last year, Salina started attending school in Salem, OR and since then I have gotten to see her multiple times. She has been pursing photography for several years (learning most everything from her dad who is an incredible wildlife photographer) which means we never run out of anything to talk about! She sent me a super sweet message about two months ago telling me how much she loved the emotion I capture in my photos and saying that she wanted to learn how to do what I do. That was the start of a great partnership, and since then she has helped me with a wedding, an engagement session, a family session, and a senior session! She is so wonderful to work with, and I can’t wait for more sessions this spring with her! In May she will head back up to Alaska for their busy season, and then next fall she starts college back East so that she can pursue photography and art more. I will definitely miss her but am so thankful for the time that she got to spend living in Oregon!

After a full day of sessions + crazy weather + crazy hair + not being completely sure where we were going multiple times, we decided to take some time (in between rain showers) and trade head shots. Here are some of my favorites of the beautiful Salina!

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