Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The C Family

Oh, was this family fun to capture! They have been close friends for pretty much forever, and I have been part of John’s team at Conser Appraisals for several years now. I have also had the fun (and at times, crazy!) job of watching their girls on many occasions, and always get a kick out of the way the littlest one adamantly calls me “Rebekah STRAW” (as opposed to her aunt Rebekah, who you can see HERE).

They are a family that rolls with whatever life throws at them with all the skills of a seasoned sailor. John has probably the best beard in the world, and Johanna has a gentle spirit + infectious laugh. Together, they make a team that is utterly unstoppable. Their kiddos couldn’t be cuter, especially their little man who they affectionately refer to as “The Meatball”. (Best. Name. Ever.)

John + Johanna, you guys inspire me with your fierce loyalty and devotion to the things and people that you love. I am so thankful for your family + the many roles they play in my life!

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