Friday, June 13, 2014

the one where my sister gets engaged

It was the moment he said "I have something to tell you guys, but I want to wait till Matt gets here." That was the moment I knew my sister was going to get married. 

That moment led into figuring out the where and how. (Side note: I am really thankful my sister found a guy who is so inclusive of our whole family.) We decided the where should be the gravel bar down on our property...the place where many a bonfire had taken place over the time they were getting to know each other. But we didn't know exactly where. The evening after he told his of his plan, Dad and I walked down there to scope out some possible locations. I hid in about 500 different cramped areas before I found the one that made me proclaim "ah ha!" 

I sent the above photo to Tyler, and he agreed that it looked like a really good spot (especially since there was a pile of brush on the actual gravel bar where I could hide). A couple days later, my dog and I spent around 2 hours making the spot perfect for hiding in. (I am pretty sure my knees will never recover from squeezing between that log and those rocks.) 

A couple evenings later, and a few days before my sister was scheduled to come home, Tyler came down and we worked more on figuring out where they would stand, and how they would get there. It ended up being somewhat like a obstacle course...he was to walk on the left side of a stick, and on the right side of a small pile of brush (see above photo) before straightening out and heading straight toward where the ring was hidden. 

Speaking of rings, figuring out how to get the ring down there was one of the hardest parts of this whole scheme. Many ideas where thrown around, such as a helicopter dropping it out of the sky or a dog trotting up with the ring tied to his collar. We ended up deciding to just bury the ring. Yes, you heard me right. Between a large, white rock and a large, buried, gray rock, we dug out a spot for the ring, lined it with rocks, and then placed a flat rock on top of the box. My job (other than coming up with crazy ideas, bothering Tyler way too much with wondering about the exact timeline for the night of, and then actually photographing the proposal) was to collect the ring box from his coat and then place the box in the designated hole. 

Let me tell you, I was ner.vous. Like, really nervous. (Just ask my mom if you don't believe me.)

But everything came off without a hitch. Even though I almost got caught by Jen while I was hiding my camera bag, and even though I couldn't look at Tyler all night for fear of starting to grin, and even though I almost forgot my lens filter that I had cleaned up earlier in the day. At the end of the night, my sister was engaged and that was all that mattered!

And now, for the pictures you have all been waiting for!

He done good.

I have no idea what Tyler said, but my sister said "of course!!!"

Uh oh. I have been spotted. This is probably an indicator that I should never be an undercover FBI agent.

Oh you know, just one of my favorite photos in like the history of ever.

My sister has literally not stopped saying "wow!!! I'm engaged!!!!!" since that night. 

And that's it! He asked, and she said yes. (Actually, technically she said "of course", but a "yes" was implied.) This event was my favorite to photograph, and I am pretty sure it will stay that way for quite awhile. 

Congratulations once again to my sister and future brother-in-law!!


  1. ahhhhh!

    were you spotted because your pup was with you in the brush? :-)

    good job capturing the authenticity of the proposal.

    1. Hahaha. Nope! I was spotted because of my shutter sounding like the paparazzi! :) Thank you!


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