Sunday, May 4, 2014

fully funded

Seven days ago, I wrote this blog post about how I get to go back to Washington Family Ranch this summer to help provide childcare at a week long camp for single teenage moms. I talked about how I needed to raise $500 which pays for my housing/food and also lowers the cost for these girls who otherwise might not be able to come and hear about how awesome Jesus is. Because of the grace of God, and some really amazing people that He used, I am excited to announce that I am fully funded!!

If you are still interested in being a part of this great adventure, there are a couple ways you can get involved. The first would be to simply pray. Pray for these girls...a lot of whom may have never made a commitment to Jesus, or who may not even really know who He is. Pray for open hearts, great discussions, and changed lives. Pray for all of the staff and volunteers at WaFaRa...for energy, wisdom, grace, and a God-sized love for these girls and their children. The second way to get involved would be to make a donation directly to YoungLife to help one of these moms get to camp. (Click here to be directed to a page where you can do that.) 

Thanks to everyone who has already been a part of this. Whether it has been prayerfully, or financially, it has made a difference. I am so excited about what God is doing here, and can't wait for camp to start in 82 days!

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