Saturday, February 1, 2014

(insert witty title here)

I am stuck inside today studying for my American Thought and Culture exam on Monday, as well as doing a Research Support Outline for my Writing Class. And this is the view out the window approx. 4 ft. from my face. Let me tell you, I am in pain. I took a short break from school and here are the pictures that came of that break. 

Seriously? It's like...a sunny paradise out there. 

The flowers are blooming now. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of flower pictures.

They are just so pretty!

Though honestly a little boring if you really think about it.

Happy Birthday, bozo. (The dog, not my brother.)

Monty's all like, "oh yeah. I've got this big bloke wrapped around my paw. You know it's true."

Six years ago. Since then, my brother has gotten contacts and his dog has gotten rid of the crazy eyes. 

Alright. It's back to the books for this girl. Or in this case, searching the internet for articles pertaining to my research project. (See?! I am getting all educated...I used the word "pertaining" correctly in a sentence!)

Enjoy the sunshine for me, peeps.

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