Monday, December 30, 2013

no and yes

In case anybody missed it, my dog is gonna have puppies. Today she is 63 days pregnant, and (theoretically) ready to have her puppies at any moment. (Dogs are pregnant for anywhere from 58 days to 63 days, but some go early while others go later.) Even though she is ready to pop, she is still acting as if she isn't carrying precious cargo around with her wherever she goes. Today we went for a rambling walk down in the woods and of course I brought my camera, so of course I am sharing the pictures with you. 

(L) I feel like this is a senior portrait for her or something...
(R) These cones were just so pretty I couldn't resist taking a picture. (That seems to be my life story.)

You think you live in a pretty place? Ha! That's funny. 

Do you have bodies of water in your woods that make hearts? I thought not. 

And is this your beautiful dog that stares at you with adoring eyes? Again, I thought not. 

I rest my case for living in the most beautiful place on earth. 

Oh, and in answer to the two most common questions I am getting right now: 
No, my dog has not had her puppies yet. 
And yes, she will eventually have them. 

Have a fabulous evening, folks. 

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