Saturday, November 16, 2013

30 things

This week, I am thankful for...
  1. the smell of coffee early in the morning
  2. baby smiles
  3. crackling fires
  4. country music 
  5. hugs from a (almost) 5 year old
  6. childhood memories
  7. finished homework (before the weekend!)
  8. everything about my dog
  9. emails from my sister (even if they are only 3 short paragraphs long)
  10. new friends
  11. baggy sweatshirts, and yoga pants
  12. having the house to myself for an evening
  13. seeing old friends
  14. hand lotion
  15. shooting guns with my broskie
  16. sore muscles
  17. chatting on Facebook with my cousin
  18. Friends episodes
  19. the sacrifices our veterans have made 
  20. fuzzy socks
  21. new makeup
  22. getting snail mail
  23. good movies that I've never seen before
  24. good talks with my broskie
  25. hot cocoa
  26. laughter
  27. a long overdue chat with my Grandpa
  28. young kids
  29. my job
  30. my family and the impact they've had on my life

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