Wednesday, July 24, 2013

21 things I am thankful for

  1. my new car
  2. a beautiful sunset
  3. air conditioning
  4. my dog's happy face
  5. dinner with my sister
  6. my cousin Caleb
  7. a gorgeous moon
  8. payday
  9. running
  10. sweat
  11. my very own bed
  12. editing pictures
  13. the smell of hay
  14. hair that does what I want it to
  15. protein shakes
  16. the random man who held a door open for me in town today
  17. the nice lady at the bank
  18. a gorgeous post-sunset sky
  19. clean clothes
  20. a friend who is just a phone call away even at 10:30pm
  21. sore muscles

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