Monday, April 29, 2013

graduation pictures!!

Yesterday was my high school graduation. It was crazy, and fun, and I am really glad it is over. Here are a few of the pictures that I have from it. I had two friends taking pictures, and so far I just have pics back from one of them. So there will probably be another installment of pictures coming soon. Enjoy! 
 My beautiful cousin Jessica made the delicious cake. (I am eating some as I type this, and let me tell you. I could get fat on this stuff.) 

 Gramps & Grammy fixing the nut cups.

 Jennifer and Becca helping with set up. They were such a blessing!

 I love the look on Caleb's face.

 Beka is weird. Thus, I like her.

 Becca Taylor did my hair, and Beka Conser did my makeup. They both did a fantastic job.

Gramps opened in prayer, and Grandpa closed. Grammy and Grandma both spoke, as well as two other very special ladies, Jeanette Keating and Becky Barth. Dad also spoke a little bit before he and Mom presented me with my diploma. They all did an amazing job.


 Told ya she's crazy.

 Davis brought me flowers. Favorite. Present. Ever.

 Beka and me.

 Jen and me.

 Jess and me.

 Grammy, me, and Gramps.

 Matt and me.

 My amazing family.

 Dad and me.

Mom and me. 

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