Saturday, December 22, 2012

Road Trip!!!

We went on a trip this past week. Me, my brother, and my cousin. It was awesome. I took more pictures than you would ever care to I am only going to post a few. In 3 installments. My sense of "few" might be twisted just a tad bit. 

We left around 7am.

The sunshine was (blindingly) gorgeous.

Spending 9 hours in a truck with these two was slightly interesting.

Our pile of junk.

Me and my brother Matt.

Matt's cover with a reflection in the window of the Act of Valor soundtrack. 


SNOW!!!! (I love snow)

Caleb throwing snowballs at the air.

I love these two weirdos. 

Caleb took this picture and I actually really like it.

That was our trip up there. Stay tuned for more!!! :)

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