Thursday, November 22, 2012

25 things I am thankful for.

These are not necessarily in order, and I am actually thankfully for approx. 1,328,965 other things. But it would take to much time and space to list them all, so I have limited it to 25. 

1) My Dad's sense of humor.
2) Matt's laugh.
3) The smell of horses.
4) Gramps's hugs.
5) All the knowledge my Mom has about healthy food. 
6) My dog's eyes. 
7) Grandpa's chuckle.
8) The way Theresa is so honest with me all the time. 
9) The way Grammy whistles and hums.
10) Mushroom hunting with Grandma.
11) Stars.
12) The way Jessica is always happy.
13) How ticklish Jennifer is.
14) Watching girly movies with Sessha.
15) Rainbows.
16) Rebekah's back rubs.
17) Coffee.
18) Veterans.
19) How geeky Kevin is (even if I do make fun of it).
20) Chocolate.
21) A God who loves me enough to have died for me.
22) Long summer days.
23) Laughter.
24) My (honorary) nephew and niece.
25) Newborn calves.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. 

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